1. Working Capital Loan

Working capital loan is designed for micro entrepreneurs and small business owners who desire to borrow for business purposes to enhance their businesses.


  • Loan size from N20,000 to N3,000,000
  • Flexible collateral requirements
  • Competitive interest rates 4% Monthly on a reducing balance.
  • Must be in Business for at least 12 Months
  • Maximum repayment period of 12 Months

2. Asset Finance Loan

Asset finance is a credit product that gives you the opportunity to own that asset you have always longed for either for Business or for Personal use such as machines, Deep freezers, personal computers and notebooks, generators, washing machines, household furniture, gas/electric cookers, electronic and electrical appliances.


  • Borrower makes a minimum 30% equity contribution towards the cost of the equipment.
  • Our Micro Savings Account [MSA] or the Target Savings Account (Esusu) could be used to save the 30% required equity contribution.
  • The bank finances up to 70% of the cost of the equipment.
  • The equipment is purchased in the bank’s name.
  • Equipment purchased and a suitable guarantor is the collateral for the facility.
  • Equipment purchased is insured.
  • Transfer of ownership of the equipment financed will take place after full lease payment.
  • Asset cost will not exceed N3,000,000
  • 4% Monthly on a reducing balance.

3. Consumer Loan

This is designed for workers who want to use the facility for personal ,family, or household purposes, or for consumable items like household appliances and payment of school fees.


  • Must be working in a reputable organisation(Salary Earner)
  • Must be confirmed staff
  • Loan size-N50,000-N3,000,000
  • Maximum Repayment period of 12 Months
  • Must have been in employment for at least six months
  • Issuance of post-dated Cheque against salary account
  • 4% Monthly Interest rate

4. Group Loans

Group loans are designed for micro entrepreneurs, market women, self-help groups and associations that are actively in business.


    • Group size is 5-10 Members
    • Joint and several guarantees of the borrowing group members.
    • Compulsory saving by group members will be used to secure the joint and several guarantees.
    • Loan repayment will be daily, weekly or monthly
    • Interest rate 4% Monthly on a reducing balance
    • Maximum Loan size N15,000,000